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Racism in America and How to Combat It - United States Commission On Civil Rights Brochure

  • 1970
  • 12 x 6 inches ~ (30 x 15 cm)
  • Brochure
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  • Amazing brochure, Clearinghouse Publications, Urban Series No.1, January 1970.

    The first of a series of publications to be issued by the Commission on Civil Rights, this booklet is designed to promote discussion and understanding of the manifestations and costs of racism and, especially, to stimulate action by groups and individuals to effect necessary change. Major topics dealt with are: the significance of and the need for Americans to understand racism: the ways white racism appears to work in society; historical perspective relating overt racism to institutional subordination, and how they work; the economic, political, and psychological benefits provided by racism to whites; and, reinforcement of racism in modern society. Among the basic strategies suggested for combating racism are the following: (1) make all Americans--especially whites--far more conscious of the widespread existence of racism in all its forms, and the immense costs it imposes on the entire Nation; (2) build up the capabilities of minority group members; (3) insure that minority group members are in position to contribute to the design, execution, and evaluation of all major social national policies and programs; and, (4) influence local, State, and national policies and programs, so that they have certain characteristics that will reduce their possible racist effects.

    Rare and amazing document with great cover illustration.

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