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Original Racist Flyer Anti- Ford Motors

  • 1964
  • 8 x 5 4/5 inches ~ (20 x 12 cm)
  • Unbacked

    This poster is currently unbacked. At check out, you will be given the opportunity to add backing which would cost $80 and take approximately 6-8 weeks.

    Linen backing is the industry standard of conservation. Canvas is stretchered and a sheet of acid free barrier paper is laid down. The poster is then pasted to the acid free paper using an acid free paste. This process is fully reversible and gives support to the poster. A border of linen is left around the poster and can be used by a framer to mount the poster so that nothing touches the poster itself. Backing is what we recommend for framing, and for any poster needing restoration.

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  • Notice! To All White Citizens.

    Greetings: STOP Buying Ford Cars and Trucks and other Ford Products. For years and yeras a considerable portion of the profits from the sale of Ford Cars and Trucks and other Ford Products have been funneled into tax free foundations. MILLIONS and MILLIONS and MILLIONS OF DOLLARS of Ford profits have been distributed to integration and civil rights organizations to fight the white people of the SOUTH , by forcing them to associate with negroes. It is time to dry up at least one source of the money that is being used to destroy our Southern way of life. DON'T BUY A FORD EVER AGAIN. For additional copies of this circular, write CITIZENS' COUNCIL OF GREATER NEW ORLEANS, INC. 509 Delta Building New Orleans Louisiana 70112

    Some of the images and language that appear in our collection depict prejudices that we do not condone. This content is presented as historical documents to aid in the understanding of American history. Please note we sell material such as to preserve that history so it cannot nor will be forgotten.

    Photo of original envelope is provided for reference only, the envelope IS NOT included in this sale. We will include a xerox of the envelope with the sale of the original circular. The postmark on the envelope is dated July 20 1964

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