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American Physical Society Timeline Posters

  • 1999
  • 286 x 39 inches ~ (726 x 99 cm)
    EACH poster 26 x 39 - Complete mural 23 1/2 FEET x 39 inches
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  • Amazing, complete set of 11 posters distributed in 1999 by American Physical Society as part of its centennial celebration offering a chronological timeline of the history of 20th century physics.

    Each of the posters begins with a brief essay describing a major scientific achievement of the decade. Large portraits of the subjects, which include youthful photographs of Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, and Richard Feynman and others, help put a face on science.

    Below the essays, over 130 individual discoveries and inventions are explained. This is organized into five color-coded story lines that stretch across the 20th century:

    Cosmic Scale, the story of astrophysics and cosmology:
    Human Scale, refers to the physics of the more familiar distances from the global to the microscopic;

    Atomic Scale, focuses on the submicroscopic world of atoms, nuclei and quarks;

    Living World, chronicles the interaction of physics with biology and medicine.

    Technology, tracing the applications of physic to everyday living.

    The last poster, covering the years since 1995, differs from the others. Its essay dicusses physics in the next century, and is illustrated with pictures of award winning high school students who, it is hoped, will be the leading researchers of physics in the decades ahead. Appropriately the last entries in the timeline are not achievements but open questions to be answered in the future.

    These posters were distributed to every high school and college in the United States and the project supported by US Department of Energy, the Richard Lounsbery Foundation, IBM, Lucent Technologies, National Science Foundation and United Parcel Service.

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