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Anti American WWII Poster Black American Pillaging Church

Anti American WWII Poster Black American Pillaging Church

  • ca 1943
  • Gino Boccasile 1901-1952
  • 28 x 40 inches ~ (71 x 101 cm)
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  • One of a series of graphic anti-American WWII posters created during WWII by Boccasile.

    A supporter of Benito Mussolini, Boccasile produced propaganda material for his government, including several racist and anti-semitic posters. As the tide of war turned against Fascism he became more involved in it, becoming a supporter of the German puppet state, RSI, established by Mussolin. Boccasile enlisted in the Italian SS Division, drawing their recruitment posters and illustrating propaganda material.

    After the war he was imprisoned and tried for collaborating with the fascists. Though acquitted, he remained an outcast and could not find work for several years.

    He supported himself briefly by doing pornographic sketches for English and French publishers. In 1946, after changing his style, he set up his own agency in Milan where he created memorable posters for Paglieri cosmetics, Chlorodont toothpaste, Iperchina liquors and Zenith footwear.